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    What About Hurricanes?

2007 WINTER UPDATE: We're glad that the hurricane season was "a bust." We figured it would be. But there are still many people riled up about all the (false) science and reporting associated with global warming and recent hurricanes - but there is no real evidence to support any correlation. In fact, consider this excerpt from a report on climate:
Many other scientists are quick to point out that since the 1940s, there has been an overall decrease in hurricane activity. According to the United Nations Environment Program of the World Meteorological Organization, “Reliable data…since the 1940s indicate that the peak strength of the strongest hurricanes has not changed, and the mean maximum intensity of all hurricanes has decreased” (CNSNews).
This is a great "bit" - and not something most people have heard either.

Now, these guys use colder than normal regional reports and some data to say an ICE AGE is coming! We just can't win! Click here to visit this site.

Many scientists (and most people) DO believe there is a warming trend, but the possible causes and CERTAINLY the dire predictions are not at all certain - not even close. The bottom line is: We shouldn't be scared (by the media) because of weather fluctuations. The Earth has been warming and cooling for too many years to count (and I'm not sure about you, but I'd rather have it a bit warmer than a mile of ice over the Midwest like during the last ice age!). The question is, how bad will this change be, and, if there will really be anything signifcant at all. I wonder if the record cold and snow up north in mid October had people up there a little more skeptical until it became warmer in December - and 45 degrees and rain isn't my idea of "warm" anyway, especially when it's 75 and sunny here (I've lived up north too many years to know what their idea of "warm" is). The January snow in Malibu, California and us getting calls from people leaving Denver because of the terrible winter is a big contradiction to the warmer-than-normal weather in the Northeast. Weather certainly does fluctuate.
For a great site which puts things in perspective and utilizes hard science and data to recognize warming but still refute these doomsday scenarios, Click Here. It's amazing how people are putting forth a political agenda wrapped in pseudo science that is far from being as accepted (by experts) as they would have us believe.

2006 SUMMER UPDATE: So far, 2006 has been VERY quiet (normal!) for hurricanes. 2005 was a bad season for South Florida, and several other states. However, we did very well with nothing notable occurring. We're all very thankful and our thoughts go out to the victims of the storms. I hate using storms as a "sales tool" but I do believe that Central Florida "Lake Country" is looking better and better as the place to live!

2004 was an historic year in Lake Placid and Highlands County - we went through three hurricanes (Florida had four, but one "spared" us!). Something like this hasn't occurred in this area in perhaps over a hundred years.

But we're happy to say, that even with all that "action," our town came out of it relatively unscathed. There were lots of trees down, it was pretty messy, but there wasn't the "carnage" you saw on the news in the other areas. By the time these storms move this far inland, they certainly lose a lot of steam, which is making Central Florida even more of a destination for those relocating.

Best of all, statistically, our area should be okay for a hundred more years! :)

UPDATE: The 2005 storm season has come and gone and we didn't get anything more than a little rain from the storms that passed pretty far from our area. I think after last year, we can expect not to get any action for quite some time!

For more information, you can call 863-441-2986 (ask for Melissa or Dan) or email here and we'll send you more information about our area.

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